About Whittington Solar Energy Co.

Whittington Solar Energy Co.

Born from the conviction that we could do a better job, Whittington Solar Energy Co. strives to make it easy for our customers to switch to cleaner, cheaper energy.

Our trained and experienced staff is totally dedicated in finding the perfect solar solution for your home or business.

Pride in our workmanship and attention to detail, treating our customers fairly like the good friends and neighbors that they are, and the desire to do great work that benefits others and the environment are the foundation that Whittington Solar Energy is built on.

We are proud to be a Bakersfield company and to care about Bakersfield people… before, during and long after the job is done.

Jim Whittington, Founder/Owner

Jim Whittington

Jim Whittington

Since the age of two, Jim has called Bakersfield home. He first met his beautiful wife Nelda when they were in third grade and married soon after high school.

Jim started in business in 1979, and early on he discovered that if you did a quality job at a fair price and stood by your word, you would be successful. After getting his California State Contractors License, he started a construction company, and using his guiding principles, built up his business. Through the years he has gone on to do numerous construction projects, large and small. From countless homes (many with solar) and auto care centers, to large projects like the Icardo Center at CSUB and the Mervyn’s Shopping Center, he has left a positive impact on the Bakersfield community.

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start the One Stop Smog and Autocare Centers here in Bakersfield, and his knack for business helped them flourish into one of the premiere auto repair businesses in the state.

With Whittington Solar Co. Jim sees another opportunity to apply the principles that have guided him to this day: do a quality job at a fair price and stand by your word. That is something he can take pride in.