Solar Energy in Bakersfield is the Smart Choice!!!

Join the Millions Worldwide! Now is a Great Time for Solar!

With all of the benefits of going solar, it’s no wonder that people everywhere are doing it!  And right now is a good time to join them! Here’s why:

  • Utility rates are going up at an alarming rate. On January 1st, 2015 the rates raised again by almost 7%! Get a solar energy system now and you will be locking-in a lower, fixed rate for your solar energy that will not go up!
  • Solar panels have dramatically come down in price.
  • There are a number of Incentives and Rebates going on right now. It’s a good idea to take advantage of them while they last. The 30% tax credit is good only on projects completed by December 31, 2016.
  • Your solar power system can pay for itself in as little as 8 years. Then you’ll be getting free energy!

Solar Saves You Money!

Going green… And putting green in your pocket!

When it comes to powering your home or business, solar is the cleanest and most reliable form of renewable energy available.

Adding affordable, efficient solar energy not only saves you money, it increases the value of your home, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes you more self-reliant. Here are some of the Top Benefits of Solar Energy.

Why Whittington Means Solar!

Whittington Solar Energy LogoWhether residential or commercial, the Whittington Solar staff of solar energy experts will guide you through the process of implementing an effective, user-friendly solar power system that will meet your specific needs. From designing a state-of-the-art system to acquiring all permits, installing your system with care to helping you get all rebates and tax incentives available, Whittington Solar will treat you like family. Find out more reasons to go with Whittington Solar Energy Co. or call us for a Free Consultation at (661) 665-1337.

Saving with Solar Energy

Bakersfield is Great Place for Solar!

Bakersfield & Solar: A match made in heaven!

Bakersfield is a sunny place, which is great for Solar. During the sun soaked months of summer a solar energy system can really knock down those massive electric bills.

Percentage of Days with Sun

May – 27 days – 87%
June – 28 days – 93%
July – 29 Days – 94%
August – 30 days – 97%
September – 28 days – 93%
October – 26 Days – 84%

What People are Saying About Whittington Solar

“They have a fantastic product… Do yourself a favor. Go with Whittington Solar.”
- Steve Casalas
A great product and great customer service at a fair price.  The word is getting out about the benefits of going solar with Whittington Solar Energy.  Watch this video to see what an actual customer has to say about Whittington Solar.


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Looking to Learn More About Solar Energy?

Hands reaching for the sun.Still looking for information about solar energy?  Check out our Start Here webpage!  It has all sorts of great information for you on topics ranging from the benefits of getting a solar energy system to financingincentives and what you can expect during the process of converting to clean, renewable solar energy.  And of course you can always give us a call at (661) 665-1337 with any questions or to set up a Free Consultation.
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Clean, Affordable Energy for Bakersfield!

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